Thursday, November 16, 2017

Gateby Care Centre Volunteers

Related imageGateby Care Centre is looking for the following volunteers:

CHRISTMAS DECORATORS - If you enjoy decorating for Christmas, Gateby would love some assistance in making their 3 floors festive!

KITCHEN ASSISTANTS - Provide support to the adult program by assisting with lunch and snack service. Commitment is only one day a week (Monday, Tuesday or Friday) from 10:50am - 1:15pm.

READING MATE - Read newspapers, mail or books to residents. This position is flexible to the volunteers availability.

MEN'S ACTIVITY ASSISTANT - Participate in and help facilitate a weekly men's group. Commitment is only 1 hour per week.

ACTIVITY ASSISTANT - Engage with and assist seniors during activities such as woodworking, crafts, flower arranging, games, TV sports, coffee time, etc.

RECREATION SUPPORT -  Assist residential recreation staff with programs including monthly birthday parties, various outings such as the park and farmers market.

SEAMSTRESS VOLUNTEER -  Help with clothing alterations. Discuss with the Director of Care when alterations are needed.

APPOINTMENT ESCORT - Assist residents to their appointments via Handi-Dart