Thursday, November 30, 2017

2018 Vernon Winter Carnival Volunteers

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Ticket Seller/Office Assistant:  Sell raffle tickets and merchandise at Carnival Office.  Must be friendly and outgoing. Must be comfortable with a cash register, cash and debit transactions. Dec. 1 - Feb. 11  Monday - Saturday shifts available.

Receptions:  Greet people and take tickets, assist with set up for events, clear tables, and general clean up. Shifts available January-February.

Poster and Button Distributors:  Drive or assist driver to deliver posters and brochures, contact businesses to request Button sales, deliver Buttons to businesses as needed.  Dec. - Feb.

Jopo/Jopette:  Dress up in Carnival Spirit Costume and Face paint.  Attend pre-scheduled events to spread carnival spirit.  Must not talk and must enjoy the public.  Jan. - Feb.
For more information, please contact NexusBC Volunteer Services at 250.545.0585 or email 

Carnival Cops:  Dress up in Carnival Cop costume, attend 
pre-scheduled events to spread carnival spirit and to promote the Carnival. Sell raffle tickets and Carnival buttons. Flexible shifts Feb 2-11, 2018.