Sustainable Environment Network Society (SENS)

Some Community Contributions:

* Public education so incineration is not in NORD’s Waste Reduction Plans.
* Panels or speakers most months, educating on a variety of sustainable environment topics.
* Establishing a fall leaf exchange event which is now a City program.
* Developing & coordinating an organic community garden program; also trained 12 unemployed youth about sustainable gardening, composting and environmental practices.
* Supporting formation of a local Environmental Advisory Committee.
* $20,000 generated to create pesticide alternatives, solar/alternative energy, and smart growth displays.
* Ran a “Changing Lanes” Project, with Federal funding and many local donations to provide transportation alternatives – was sponsored until taken over by the City in 2009.
* Until June/06 piloted a ”One Tonne Challenge” Project to encourage behaviour change on global warming, to save money, improve physical well being, and make one’s life climate friendly!
* Lead supporter for “Wheels For Change”, a Nelson–Victoria cycling tour (July, 2007) that asked for action on climate change from municipal, provincial and federal officials.
* Active contributions to Xerindipity Gardens, Greater Vernon Cycling Advisory Cttee, Vernon’s Official Community Plan and NORD’s Regional Growth Strategy.
* Initiating annual Seed Swaps, educational EnviroFairs & local Transition Town Planning.
* Sponsored Bee S.A.F.E. movement started in Lumby / Cherryville area.

Future projects wish-list:
Quality of life improvements such as
pesticide bylaws
green taxes initiatives
building bylaws
reducing waste water using eco-sanitation principles
building local food economies based on an agriculture that is safe for us and bees
public transport review
alternate energies
environmental mapping
Swan Lake wetlands park
waste reduction job creation through education
one-stop recycling
and apartment recycling.

Call Heather Miller at (250) 549-3367.