Volunteer Services Membership

Annual Membership includes:

Agency need for volunteers is advertised throughout the community via newspapers, website, displays and workshops, newsletters, community announcements

Volunteer Preparation: 
New volunteers attend an orientation session that covers ethics, expectations, responsibilities and opportunities, direct referrals, and distribution lists of new volunteers

Volunteer Referrals:
Volunteers are referred to the agencies through a general referral or a direct referral according to volunteer wishes

Agency Networking: 
Information sharing, donation distributions, fundraisers and special events are circulated to member agencies.

Job Postings: 

Agency employment positions are circulated to volunteers, non-profit agencies, and employment centres

Follow Up: 

Follow up contact to the volunteers and the agencies ensures satisfaction and fulfillment of volunteer placements 

Volunteers can be a major asset to an organization. By contributing time, energy and talents, volunteers can generate enthusiasm, provide new skills, increase community engagement and complement the work of paid staff.  They can be an especially vital resource for organizations straining to meet their needs with limited staff and budgets.

Please download the 2018 Membership Application and return to NexusBC Community Resource Centre with your payment.  Memberships can be pay by cash, cheque or credit card.  

Membership Fee
Already a member?  
To recruit volunteers - 
  1. Open the  Agency Request Form
  2. Save the form to your computer
  3. Complete as needed 
  4. Send as attachment to volunteers@nexusbc.ca